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State of the Nation 2013: Yorkshire and Humber

20 June 2013

Yorkshire and Humber infrastructure is not keeping pace with the potential for economic development, and is constraining progress. The priorities for transport infrastructure that would best promote regional growth would be to address:

  • Inadequate transport connections with the North West (from Hull to Liverpool, and all major cities between)
  • Slow and inadequate transport capacity connecting Leeds and Sheffield
  • Severe traffic congestion in both the Leeds/ Bradford and Sheffield conurbations
  • Commuter services to Leeds from surrounding towns and cities, particularly Bradford
  • Lack of capacity on the strategic highway network accessing the Humber Ports
  • Missing link on the A1(M) in North Yorkshire
  • Inadequate access to airports
  • Lack of resilience in the network.

There is also a challenge in providing adequate transport whilst reducing damage to the environment, including reduction of carbon emissions.

State of the Nation 2013: Yorkshire and Humber

Content type: Policy

Authors: ICE

  • Andrew Wescott, head of policy and public affairs at ICE