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Transport for Growth

12 January 2015

ICE calls on policymakers from all political parties to embrace three overarching recommendations for the next Parliament:

  1. An accelerated process of power transfer away from central Government to city regions, guided by the needs, ambition and capacity of each area
  2. Creation of fully-integrated transport authorities with much greater responsibility for road infrastructure, all local public transport and active travel. This goes beyond Greater Manchester’s recent landmark agreement
  3. Make central funding more predictable but flexible, with fewer competitions, longer funding horizons and enable city regions to generate an increasing share of their budgets locally.

Institutional and funding changes should be underpinned through implementation of four specific transport policy recommendations:

  1. Government to set an overarching national transport strategy to provide guidance to city regions and ensure national priorities are delivered
  2. Comprehensive city region transport strategies, covering all aspects of public and private transport and linked to wider policy priorities
  3. Reform of bus funding and legislation to enable city regions to secure the services they require
  4. Much greater city region influence over national road and rail networks, as well as moving more control over local roads from small borough to the city region level

Transport for Growth

Content type: Policy

Authors: ICE

  • Andrew Wescott, head of policy and public affairs at ICE