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Courtroom Skills Training for civil engineers hailed as a great success

Civil and Structural Engineers working in the highways sector have hailed the ICE's Courtroom Skills training as a success.

Cross examination In progress in the Galleries of Justice Museum Courtroom, Nottingham.
Cross examination In progress in the Galleries of Justice Museum Courtroom, Nottingham.

The one day course, organised by ICE East Midlands, was targeted at professionals working in the field of civil engineering who could be called upon as expert witnesses in aspects of highway design, construction, management or maintenance on behalf of their employing organisations.

The course, led by Alexandra Luck, Chartered Engineer, Member of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation and a Member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, was designed to give professionals familiarisation with court process and procedures and techniques used in the cross examination of expert witnesses.

Delegates were provided with an understanding of when and why they may be called to give evidence; an overview of the coroners' and judicial systems; an appreciation of the theory and practice, as well as the procedure of giving evidence; and the techniques used in cross-examination and how to handle them.

Theory was then put into practise later in the day in the impressive courtroom of the Galleries of Justice museum in Nottingham where delegates participated in cross examination role play focusing on case studies with which they were familiar.

Christian Christodoulou, Regional Director at Aecom said,"The course was really fantastic and I am looking forward to perhaps see an advanced version of it with even more practice if possible as it is something that I would certainly love to attend."

He then added "If ICE re-run this course I would recommend it to my colleagues."

Phil Brown, Director at JPP Consulting said "It was a really great day with a good deal of learning. Alexandra's course delivery was excellent."

Miss Fiona Turner, course organiser said, "This was a great opportunity for senior members from the ICE to experience and learn about the inner workings of courtroom proceedings, should they ever have to experience it. Everyone took away something, and really enjoyed the day."

ICE organised Courtroom Skills Training was kindly sponsored by JPP Consulting Ltd, a Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy.