Devon graduate chosen as President's Apprentice by Sir John Armitt

Incoming Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) President, Sir John Armitt, has continued with tradition by selecting six young members to work with him and the Institution. One of these successful candidates is Alex Crump, a Graduate Engineer for Devon County Council.

Alex Crump at work
Alex Crump at work

With Alex’s achievement we decided to ask him a few questions.

  1. Why did you choose to become a civil engineer?

    Like many, I was interested in construction and machinery from an early age and actually wanted to be a JCB driver throughout my childhood. However, upon starting secondary school I was fortunate enough to be taught by an interesting an engaging maths teacher who had studied engineering at university. It was around this time that my appreciation for the industry began to grow and my subject choices reflected this. After completing my A-Levels I spent a year working as a trainee technician in one of Devon County Council’s highway design teams which provided a great introduction to the profession and a clear demonstration of its ability to enhance the quality of life of the region’s citizens. More recently I obtained a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Exeter whilst undertaking further industrial placements each summer and have since obtained a place on the Council’s civil engineering graduate scheme.
  2. What is your proudest achievement to date?

    How did finding out about becoming President’s Apprentice make you feel? Working as an engineer in local government gives fantastic opportunities for improving the lives and prospects of local residents and is subsequently very rewarding work. However, obtaining a role on the President’s Apprentice scheme is the proudest achievement of my career to date. I’m particularly excited to be working with arguably the most respected civil engineer in a generation in Sir John Armitt along with other widely appreciated individuals from within the industry. The scheme also affords the apprentices the chance to work on one of the ICE’s strategic projects and I applied to contribute to the next State of the Nation report. Through this I hope to gain a better understanding of how national policy is formed whilst articulating the views of the Institution’s vast membership.
  3. What would you say to anyone looking at following your footsteps?

    Whilst I only recently obtained the role I have already been hugely impressed by the variety of activities that Sir John and the ICE have planned for the apprentices over the coming year. The scheme provides an unique opportunity to work with some of the industry’s leading figures as well having a tangible impact on one of the Institution’s strategic projects. I would therefore encourage all graduate and technician members to consider applying in future years.

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The President's Apprentice scheme gives graduate and technician members a unique opportunity to gain experience, develop skills and learn about the industry. You could meet and engage with senior engineering professionals, getting invaluable insight into industry development.

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