Diversity key to unlocking innovation

National Women in Engineering Day (NWED) is an international awareness campaign aimed at raising the profile of women in engineering and focusing attention on the career opportunities available to girls. The 2016 theme was #RaisingProfiles.

Watch the ICE NWED video on YouTube.
Watch the ICE NWED video on YouTube.

“The industry needs a diverse set of minds in order to overcome the environmental, social, and economic challenges we face,” said Azaria Watson, principal engineer at AECOM.

“To only have one type of person, whether it be from one gender or a particular background, may mean that we might miss out on some excellent engineering innovations that are needed to overcome these challenges.”

In honour of National Women in Engineering Day, ICE created a video featuring four outstanding female civil engineers working in Northern Ireland. Ciara Doherty of Lagan Construction Group, Ciara Lappin of Doran Consulting, Azaria Watson of AECOM and Rahma Farrag of Atkins spoke about their experiences in the industry and the need for more women and girls in civil engineering.

“The diversity of skills, experiences and expertise among even these four individuals shows the calibre of women choosing to be civil engineers,” said Richard Kirk, Regional Director for ICE NI. “We are proud to have such talented women building our quality of life here in Northern Ireland, which is why we wanted to showcase them for NWED.”

Watch the NWED video here: