Expert speaker shares expertise with civil engineers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Jayakrishnan Puthiya Veettil, Regional Technical Manager, Maccaferri Middle East was the featured speaker at the recent Learned Event in March, sharing his expertise on soil reinforcement.

Attendees listening to Jayakrishnan Puthiya Veettil
Attendees listening to Jayakrishnan Puthiya Veettil's presentation in Abu Dhabi

He is experienced in designing some of the world's tallest reinforced retaining structures such as the 40m high wall in Albania; the tallest of its kind in Europe and the 75m high wall in Sikkim, India, an award winning project.

Jay P.V currently works as the ‘Regional Technical Manager’ with Maccaferri Middle East based in Dubai, UAE; a subsidiary of Office of Maccaferri Italy. His main responsibility is to promote Maccaferri’s technical solutions, develop designs and control all the technical aspects of the Company’s business in the gulf region.

During his presentation he used his experience and knowledge to talk about Soil Reinforcement solutions for the Geotechnical Problems encountered here in the Middle East, using examples of case histories from the region to further explain. He covered the design checks to consider for Retaining walls and Basal Reinforcement, as well as the typical materials used for these purposes. Main points covered during the presentation were:

  • Design aspects on Retaining Walls and abutments
  • Fill Slopes and Soil Nailed Slopes
  • Basal Reinforcement on soft soils, on piled embankments and spanning voids
  • Typical materials used for Soil Reinforcement.

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