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ICE HKA graduates and students Model Building Competition 2017

Model Building Competition is an annual competition for undergraduates in all academic institutes that provide civil engineering and related programmes.

Champion of Model Building Competition 2016 demonstrated excellence in structural design alongside fine craftsmanship - both are indispensable attributes for the Competition.
Champion of Model Building Competition 2016 demonstrated excellence in structural design alongside fine craftsmanship - both are indispensable attributes for the Competition.

The main objective of this competition is to encourage students to utilise their engineering knowledge from books and lectures to design and build a small civil engineering model. Students will be recognised for their ability to apply knowledge into practical use with creativity. The competition also allows student to polish their presentation skills as they will be given a chance to present their engineering justification of the built model.

The theme of the Competition this year is tower crane.

Conditions of Entry

  • Teams must comprise of full time undergraduate students.
  • Four to six members are allowed in one team.
  • All team members must be student members of Institution of Civil Engineers.
  • Contestants are allowed to join the competition in consecutive years.
  • If there are more than EIGHT teams successfully registered to the Competition, contestants will be selected by lucky draw.
  • A refundable deposit of $100 per team will be collected as a part of registration. This deposit will be refunded if the team is not selected to the competition.

Competition Format

The project specifications, rules and judging criteria will be made available after event registration. The Competition consists of three parts: Model building, Testing and Presentation.

Model Building: Teams are given strictly three hours to complete a model according to specifications of the Competition with materials and tools provided by the organising committee only. Penalties apply if overtime is observed.

Testing: The model will be tested based on the project specifications. The assessment of the structural performance includes both physical properties (i.e. dimensions, self-weight) and structural integrity/efficiency (i.e. performance on loadings). All tests will be performed by helpers under the witness of judges.

Presentation: Teams are given five minutes to illustrate their engineering justification of the model in English. Penalties apply if overtime is observed.


The cash prize will be awarded to:

  • Winner Team: HKD2500 and Certificates
  • First Runner-up Team: HKD1500 and Certificates
  • Second Runner-up Team: HKD500 and Certificates
  • Best Presentation Team: HKD500 and Certificates

Prize and certificates for winner, first runner-up team, second runner-up and best presentation teams will be presented in G&S Annual General Meeting

Application Deadline: 7 January 2017 (Saturday)

Date of Competition: 21 January 2017 (Saturday)

Join the competition now

*You may register online for student membership for free and graduate membership. Application to the competition is valid as long as the membership registration is submitted on or before 7 January 2017. Should you have any enquiry on membership, please feel free to contact Regional support team on +852 3153 4181 or at membership@icehk.org.hk for assistance.

Please feel free to contact Mr Howard Kwok on +852 6373 2539 or via email at gs@icehk.org.hk for any enquiry. ICE HKA G&S reserves all rights of the competition except the result of judgement.