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High-flying Eduardas scoops photo prize

Edinburgh Branch Photo comp winner gets spectacular Forth Bridges pictures on helicopter ride prize.

A spectacular picture shoot from a helicopter was Edinburgh Branch member Eduardas Visockas' prize for winning the 2015 Edinburgh Branch G&S Photo Competition.

Having recently completed the trip, Eduardos described it as "one of the greatest experiences of my life", and he managed to get some new spectacular images of the three iconic bridges over Scotland's River Forth in his camera, as well take some striking video footage.

Eduardos said: "Not only was it the first time for me to ride a helicopter but more the possibility to take a look at one of the most iconic engineering marvels in Britain and even in the World from a different angle than everybody usually can see.

"I used to see The Forth Bridge pictures and schemes in my undergraduate books (Structural Engineering of Infrastructure), but I have never dreamed of visiting or even flying over it. Moreover, I was able to witness the construction process from above of another world record engineering achievement, i.e. the new Forth Crossing Bridge. I am sure that I will keep my memories for as long as the new bridge will stand. All my three-year working experience is related to bridge construction."

A proud winner of the annual ICE Edinburgh Branch G&S award, his winning image also became the Facebook account cover photo.

Eduardos added: "I would like to encourage all the members of ICE Edinburgh G&S community to take part in the upcoming competition because it is worth the effort!"

The 2016 competition is already underway with entry details available on the ICE website. This year's prize is two tickets for a Forth Cruise trip around the bridges followed by dinner for two at the renowned Orocco Pier restaurant with spectacular vistas to the structures.

See the photo below:

Picture of the three iconic crossings over the River Forth taken by Eduardas during his helicopter trip
Picture of the three iconic crossings over the River Forth taken by Eduardas during his helicopter trip