Hong Kong Graduates and Students Emerging Engineers Award

The Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong Association Graduates and Students Division (ICE HKA G&S) Emerging Engineers Award promotes and rewards excellence in communication of civil engineering ideas, researches, best practice on projects and designs.

Former winners of the ICE Hong Kong Emerging Engineers competition.
Former winners of the ICE Hong Kong Emerging Engineers competition.

Applicants compete for prizes in the Hong Kong Regional Final and the winner may be shortlisted to compete at the Emerging Engineers Award Global Final in the UK for the ultimate cash prize and the prestige Institution Medal.

ICE HKA G&S is now inviting entries from graduate and student members from local academic institutions and the industry.

Conditions of Entry:

  • Author must be a current graduate or student member of the Institution of Civil Engineers at the time of entering the competition.
  • Papers are to be written by one author only.
  • Papers must follow the Rules of Paper Submission in Fact sheet.
  • Authors are permitted to enter Emerging Engineers Award in consecutive years but not with the same paper.

Disciplines of Paper:

  1. Structural and Materials.
  2. Geotechnical.
  3. Environmental, Hydraulics and Hydrology.
  4. Highways, Railways and Transportation.

Regional Final:

Shortlisted candidates will be allocated a total time of 20 minutes; 10 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. Presentation should be fluent, informative and readily understood; it is not necessary to oblige to present the paper verbatim. When introducing the paper, it is recommended to emphasise the most important features and explain the approaches to topic.

Submission Period:

10 December 2015 (Mon) - 26 February 2016 (Fri)

Paper must be sent to icehk@icehk.org.hk by 26 February 2016.

Submission Method:

Papers shall be submitted electronically in A4 PDF format together with scanned copy of the signed Entry Form to icehk@icehk.org.hk and subjected "ICE HKA G&S Emerging Engineers Award Submission".


First Prize – a Certificate and cash prize of HK$1,500.00
Second Prize – a Certificate and cash prize of HK$1,200.00
Third Prize – a Certificate and cash prize of HK$800.00
Shortlisted – a Certificate

Winners may be nominated to participate in the Emerging Engineers Award Global Final in the UK to compete for the prestigious Institution Medal and further cash prizes.

Winners have the opportunity to publish their paper in ICE Breaker or on the ICE website.


Please refer to the attached Fact sheet for details of the competition or feel free to contact Miss Koey Lai (on +852 6032 6590 or via email at hlai2@uw.edu) or Miss Linda Hui (on +852 6500 6207 or via email at lindahui.civil@gmail.com) for any enquiry.

ICE HKA G&S reserves all rights of the competition except the result of judgement.