ICE and HKIE extend recognition to geotechnical engineers

ICE and Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) have signed a new recognition agreement for qualified civil and geotechnical engineers.

ICE and Hong Kong Institution of Engineers presidents with the new agreement.
ICE and Hong Kong Institution of Engineers presidents with the new agreement.

ICE President Sir John Armitt visited Hong Kong in January to share his vision that the civil engineering profession needs to embrace technology, take responsibility for training and open up to broader more diverse skills. It was therefore appropriate that during his visit he met with representatives of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) to formally renew the reciprocal recognition agreement between ICE and HKIE.

For many years this agreement has provided ICE's Chartered Civil Engineers and HKIE's corporate members in the civil discipline with a streamlined route to each other's professional qualification. The new agreement extends the existing recognition to specialists in the field of geotechnical engineering. This means that ICE Chartered Civil Engineers with the relevant experience can now apply for HKIE membership in the geotechnical discipline as well as or instead of the civil discipline, and HKIE members in the geotechnical discipline can apply to ICE in the same way as those qualified in the civil discipline.

Improved ties between the two institutions will serve to offer opportunities around new products, new materials and new ways of doing things. It further enhances the services and knowledge database ICE offers to its members, not just in Hong Kong but in the 150 countries around the world where ICE operates, playing such an important role in shaping the communities we serve.

How do I apply for recognition?

If you need any further advice or guidance on making an application, or recognition with other professional engineering institutions, please contact us at