ICE & Snow trip inspires budding engineers

ICE & Snow is an annual, seven day ski trip combining engineering challenges with alpine activities

ICE and Snow team 2017
The participants took part in a number of activities.

Now in its 12th year, the trip introduces young people to engineering in a practical and enjoyable way. The ultimate aim is to encourage the take up of science, technology and maths subjects, and take up a career in engineering.

This year's ski trip in the Three Valleys in France saw younger participants createa LEGO® World in the snow, featuring individually designed bridges. They were inspired by ICE's record breaking LEGO bridge, the centrepiece of the ICE Bridge Engineering Exhibition. They also built and programmed a LEGO Mindstormsvehicle to weave between each bridge.

Also a big hit was the 'geocache on skis' event where five boxes were hidden around the 3 Valleys on beginner and intermediate ski slopes. The boxes contained challenging bridge engineering themed questions, the answer to which could all be found in the online 3D Bridge Engineering Exhibition.

ICE & Snow is just one of the many ways in which ICE engages with younger people to encourage them to consider a career in engineering.

2017 school trip

ICE and the London Design and Engineering University Technical College (LDEUTC) are running a one week school ski trip for children in the Italian Alps. After hitting the slopes, students will participate in an engineering challenge, working together to programme 5 humanoid robots, known as 'NAO', to ski. At the end of the challenge the robots will compete in a cross country ski race. A NAO robot has appeared at several ICE events and last year 'interviewed' Arup director Tim Chapman for ICE Thinks.

Follow the fun reports from the students, Nao the Robot gets caught dreaming about skiing by students from LDEUTC and can a robot learn to ski?

ICE keen to take schools and colleges skiing

ICE and LDEUTC would like to partner with other schools and colleges for 2017/2018 and beyond that. We have lots of experience at organising educational activities in superb ski locations at affordable prices.

Contact Richard Armstrong at or call 0207 665 2411.

Feedback from ICE ski trips

"I was going to take a degree in sport but after ICE & SNOW I am signing up for an engineering degree!"
Ben Shaw (team leader in 2009) aged 16

"We had a fantastic time and totally enjoyed watching the kids carry out their engineering games."
John Russell (parent 2010)

"A very big thank you for a really enjoyable trip. Hotel was fab, staff friendly and helpful, setting gorgeous, really fun company, totally inspiring engineering games and what a great ICE team!"
Antonia Graham (parent 2011)

"Having been an HR manager at BAE Systems such events make a great contribution to the future of engineering, especially when so many leave school with little insight into this field"
Martine Walling (parent 2014)

"My son Alexander (12) learned a lot on this ICE trip both on and off the slope. He is having to choose his GCSE options very soon and the trip gave him a great insight into the civil engineering world."
Moira Shaw (parent2016)

"The trip's combination of physical and mental literacy was an inspiration. The youngsters were really engaging to be with,."
Richard Barbour (ICE membership development officer 2016)

"I couldn't believe how bursting with ideas my just 10-year-old was. Iit is really beneficial to the children to have other engineering professionals who willingly facilitated in the background."
Martine Walling (parent 2016)