ICE joins global consultation to create combined International Ethics Standard

ICE has joined a coalition of more than 60 professional bodies and standard setting organisations worldwide, to help launch a global consultation on ethics principles for those working in land, property, construction and infrastructure.

Ethics is a cornerstone of the civil engineering profession.
Ethics is a cornerstone of the civil engineering profession.

The built environment plays a huge role in our lives as well as being a major contributor to the economy worldwide. Ethics is a cornerstone of the civil engineering profession and the significant contribution that engineering makes to society invokes an inherent duty on us to act ethically.

Producing one set of International Ethics Standards for real estate and related professions will help to bring greater transparency and consistency to global property markets.

ICE is one of ten UK organisations, collectively representing many hundreds of thousands of professional practitioners, who are signed up to the IES Coalition which calls on those in the built environment to submit their feedback on the new International Ethics Standard.

Sean Harris, ICE Director of Membership commented:

"ICE fully supports an international ethics standard for construction professionals. Ethics provide professionals with a fundamental basis for good business practices. Construction is a global market and our standards must reflect this if we are to attract and retain talented individuals from around the world. With over 20,000 ICE members living and working outside the UK, it is vital ICE plays a part in delivering a global ethics' standard."

Peter Bolton King, Chair of the International Ethics Standard Coalition said:

"The new standard has been written by a group of independent industry leaders and international ethics and compliance experts appointed by Trustees of the IES Coalition. Included in the group are prominent real estate representatives from Russia, China, France, the USA, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Canada and the UK. The IES Coalition is organising this three month consultation to ensure that the final version is high quality, understood and accepted by all participating organisations, practitioners and their clients. Relevant organisations and individuals throughout the world are invited to respond."

ICE has long been an advocate of the need for ethics in civil engineering, most recently launching a 'Say No' toolkit.