ICE London provides expert guidance to GLA on London Infrastructure Map

Members from the Capital attended a meeting in City Hall to provide analysis on the GLA’s new Infrastructure Map

ICE London Members attended the meeting at City Hall.
ICE London Members attended the meeting at City Hall.

ICE London has assisted the Greater London Authority (GLA) with its latest work in producing a spatial map of London's future infrastructure investments and plans.

ICE London Members were invited in to City Hall on 11 April to discuss the map with a number of senior GLA officials.

The Map, which is a key output of the London Infrastructure Plan 2050, seeks to encourage collaboration amongst infrastructure providers, government officials and between different sectors.

The interactive Map allows users to see what projects are planned in the Capital, where they are, how much they will cost and what their timeframe is. Users can then overlay this data with borough boundaries, population trends up until 2050 or housing zones, opportunity areas and the green belt.

By doing so, it is hoped that infrastructure will be planned within a holistic view of London's future requirements, with engineers being able to take other nearby projects into consideration when planning their own. The map can enable infrastructure providers to see where opportunities for collaboration exist or where there may be challenges.

For example, projects requiring similar skills sets at a similar time may be able to join forces to train young Londoners. Alternatively, timings of projects may need to be re-assessed where projects are planned to take place in close proximity at the same time.

The Map is a great example of how open data can lead to better decision making in both the public and private sector. Transport for London and GLA have continued to open up data for public use, allowing third party groups to develop new mobile apps or software through mechanisms like the London Datastore.

Suzanne Moroney, ICE London Director, said: "The London Infrastructure Map is a brilliant demonstration of how data from various parties can be brought together to improve the decision making process, not only for government, but also for private companies and the public.

"It is fantastic that the ICE is assisting the GLA to make sure they get the most out of the Map as possible and we look forward to continuing to work with officials in the future".

The Map

Infrastructure map of London
An image of the IMA London Infrastructure Map. Click the map to launch the application and begin exploring.

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Tell us what you think

ICE London is interested to hear your views on the London Infrastructure Map. In particular, we are keen to hear:

  • What are your impressions of the London Infrastructure Map?
  • Would the Map assist you in your daily work as a London civil engineer?
  • How can the Map be made more effective or easy to use?

Please email Max Sugarman at with your responses.