ICE demonstrates SuDS benefits to members of the Northern Ireland Assembly during trip to Wales

ICE Northern Ireland helped facilitate a visit for the Committee for Regional Development to visit SuDS schemes in Wales and explore the potential for similar schemes in Northern Ireland.

The Senedd building in Cardiff. Picture from Wikipedia.
The Senedd building in Cardiff. Picture from Wikipedia.

This November, ICE NI joined a trip to Wales in order to showcase Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) sites to the Committee for Regional Development. The Committee had requested that ICE NI help organise the trip following evidence presented by Regional Director Richard Kirk at Stormont last month.

Richard joined Committee members John Dallat (SDLP), Brenda Hale (DUP), Adrian Cochrane-Watson (UUP) and Seán Lynch (Sinn Féin), the Committee’s Deputy Chairperson, in their evidence-gathering.

The group visited two SuDS sites — one in Llanelli, and the other Grangetown, Cardiff. They also hosted four evidence sessions at the Senedd, the building for the National Assembly for Wales. Ultimately, their findings will influence Northern Ireland’s adoption and maintenance of surface SuDS.

“Facilitating this trip was a terrific opportunity for ICE NI to help shape Northern Ireland’s SuDS policy,” Richard said. “The visit was incredibly helpful in showing the Committee the threefold benefits of SuDS: better management of water quantity and quality, and improved social amenity.”

“I am very optimistic that having seen the success of SuDS schemes in Wales, the MLAs present will champion SuDS for our communities here in Northern Ireland – improving quality of life for everyone.”