ICE Northern Ireland’s Manifesto makes waves across media

Since ICE Northern Ireland published the 2016 Manifesto last week, its recommendations have appeared in digital, print and broadcast news outlets.

Richard Kirk speaks with Noel Thompson about apprenticeships at BBC studios in Belfast.
Richard Kirk speaks with Noel Thompson about apprenticeships at BBC studios in Belfast.

After launching at Stormont on 27 January, ICE NI's Manifesto 'Building Our Quality of Life' has received widespread coverage. Its recommendations, which include the establishment of a civil engineering apprenticeship, delivery of the North-South Interconnector and Energy from Waste facility, and implementation of domestic water charging, have made headlines across a variety of outlets.

On 28 January, ICE NI Regional Director Richard Kirk appeared on BBC's Good Morning Ulster radio programme to speak about the need for apprenticeships. Host Noel Thompson was enthusiastic about the prospect, asking Richard 'Where do I sign up?' at the close of the interview.

Listen to the GMU interview (from 40:40).

The Manifesto also earned ample coverage in print media. The Irish News focussed on domestic water charging, calling ICE "one of the first organisations to put its head above the parapet and demand the introduction of domestic water charging by May 2019."

Water and Wastewater Treatment and Utility Week also publicised the Manifesto's call for domestic water charging in order to sustainably manage water consumption and provide high quality water and sewerage services.

The Belfast Telegraph further highlighted Northern Ireland's need for skills, as did The Daily Mirror Northern Ireland.

"We are delighted that the messages in our Manifesto have reached a wide audience across Northern Ireland," Richard said. "We are encouraged by the positive engagement we have received so far, and hope that our political leaders will also heed our call to commit to infrastructure."