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ICE Roads Conference 2016 set to showcase the smart future of roads

With the theme ‘Smart Funding, Smart Planning, Smart Delivery’, the Roads Conference 2016 brings together all the major stakeholders in the sector.

The Conference will explore Smart Funding, Smart Planning and Smart Delivery
The Conference will explore Smart Funding, Smart Planning and Smart Delivery

Although the vast majority of UK travel happens using the nation’s road network, recent years have seen a steady decline in maintenance and increase in the number of roads in urgent need of attention. To tackle this underinvestment, the UK Government recently committed to a record £6 billion worth of funding to 2021, opening up a huge amount of opportunities, as well as challenges, for stakeholders.

The ICE Roads 2015 Conference, opened by Chair Jonathan Spruce, ICE Transport Expert Panel Chair and Director of Fore Consulting, will offer in-depth analysis of performance, investment priorities, future demand and technological change. Designed by expert engineers, it aims to equip attendees with the key information and contacts to address the current issues and plan for the future.

Delegates will hear from a host of industry experts including Tony Turton, Product Development and Production Director Highways England and Guy Dangerfield, Roads Director at Transport Focus. Also speaking will be expert representatives from the Department of Transport experts, Steve Berry who is Head of Local Roads and Mark Gaynor, Head of Sustainability, Skills, Supply Chain and Technical Strategy.

Autonomous vehicles have been very much in the spotlight recently, and were extensively covered in ICE’s Industry Transformation Policy Paper. Session 2 ‘The future of our roads’ is devoted the topic, and explores the topic in depth.

The impact of devolution on roads is also explored in the Roads Investment and Devolution Workshop, the outputs of which will feed into ICE’s State of the Nation: Devolution report, which will be launched on 30 June in Birmingham. The report looks at the impact of devolution, and how changes will affect the services we use every day including transport, flood risk management, water, waste and energy.