ICE scores manifesto success in devolved nations and London Mayoral elections

Policy recommendations contained in ICE’s four devolved ‘Manifestos for infrastructure’ were adopted by the main political parties in all devolved nations.

ICE’s infrastructure policy recommendations were adopted over one hundred and thirty times.
ICE’s infrastructure policy recommendations were adopted over one hundred and thirty times.

In total, ICE's infrastructure policy recommendations were adopted over one hundred and thirty times across the main political parties as voters went to the ballot box last week.

The manifestos were commissioned as part of ICE's Commit To Infrastructure campaign, which launched last year ahead of the General Election. Produced by ICE Regional Teams in conjunction with ICE's Policy team, they set out infrastructure planning and spending recommendations for each devolved administration.

In particular, all three of our key policy themes – delivery, resilience and skills have been addressed in some way in each nation. There has been an overwhelming commitment to infrastructure across the UK as part of the election campaign, and by all the main political parties, demonstrating that the infrastructure agenda is high on the priority list.

In total, 131 ICE policy recommendations were picked up by parties and appeared in the devolved manifestos of all the main political parties in each nation. The recommendations were split into 70 for resilience, 42 for delivery and strategy and 19 for skills.

In another demonstration if ICE's influence, The Northern Ireland Government also adopted ICE's new apprenticeship potentially creating jobs for young people in Northern Ireland. The new apprenticeship programme, produced in conjunction with the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL), in collaboration with Further Education colleges and industry partners. Twelve employers have already committed, with growing interest among other companies in the sector.

As part of the effort to bring our voice to key decision makers, ICE engaged with over forty politicians from all four nations, including leaders of all the main devolved parties. Nine of these were from London including both Labour and Conservative mayoral candidates, seven from Wales including the Welsh Minister for Finance and Government Business and eight were from Northern Ireland including the DUP Infrastructure Minister. Across Scotland eighteen politicians were engaged, including the SNP Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment.

In addition to our hugely successful effort to engage with the political world, four hustings events were held across the country attended by over a thousand attendees in total from across the engineering industry.

ICE's political work was also widely reported across media, with almost one hundred media 'hits' in total, reaching an audience of almost two million in print. Northern Ireland Director Richard Kirk appeared on BBC Radio Ulster, ICE Scotland Past Chair and Council member Ronnie Hunter appeared on BBC Good Morning Scotland. Meanwhile, ICE London Vice Chair, Lawrie Quinn, was interviewed on local TV station London Live and ICE Wales Director Keith Jones appeared on BBC Radio Wales' Good Morning Wales programme.

In what was another successful social media campaign, over 650 #Commit2infra tweets and retweets were measured, engaging politicians, media and engineers.

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Growing cities and building resilience

ICE's new 'Growing cities and building resilience' web pages take an in depth look at some of the issues brought up in the manifestos. Over the next 12 months ICE will bring together built environment professionals and academics, host a range of events exploring urbanisation issues and identify practical solutions to the challenges posed.