ICE Talks

Following on from the film Engineering Change, the ICE will be launching a new initiative ICE TALKS in early December.

ICE Talks: Getting the viewpoints from our members.
ICE Talks: Getting the viewpoints from our members.

The idea for these talks came from listening to the fascinating viewpoints of the members participating in the Engineering Challenge film, which were too long to include as soundbites. We hope these talks will provoke debate, offer our members the chance to further the diversity cause and a chance to be more visible within our community.

ICE East of England are seeking participants to be interviewed, on film, on their views on either diversity, industry transformation or urbanisation – or a combination of all three, to feature in the talks.

There are three dates and locations for filming before Christmas:

  • Glasgow - 14th December.
  • Birmingham - 15th December.
  • Bristol - 17th December.


If you are interested and can make one of these dates and locations please contact Glen Owen at: for more details.