Welsh politicians urged to commit to Infrastructure

Whichever party wins the Welsh Assembly Elections they must place infrastructure at the heart of economic plans with priority for investment if Wales is to succeed in driving long term prosperity, economic growth and job creation, according to the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

Bilingual Manifesto setting out ICE Wales Cymru’s recommendations for infrastructure investment.
Bilingual Manifesto setting out ICE Wales Cymru’s recommendations for infrastructure investment.

ICE Wales Cymru is calling for all politicians to commit to infrastructure in its Manifesto for Infrastructure in Wales: Prosperity, Growth and Jobs 2016. The Manifesto features key recommendations for the next Assembly term centred on improving resilience, skills and infrastructure delivery.

It calls for continued investment in new and existing assets, for steps to be taken to secure the next generation of engineers - including the creation of a Skills Strategy for Wales - and commitment to developing the Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan, to ensure the country has a long term vision.

ICE Wales Cymru Director, Keith Jones said: “Infrastructure enables economic growth, connectivity and provides jobs - it keeps society safe and enhances our quality of life. We are urging all parties and prospective Assembly Members to place infrastructure investment at the heart of their policies and to commit to infrastructure in Wales.

“Wales needs a clear vision for infrastructure which looks forward twenty five years, developed through engagement with governments, clients, investors, operators and delivery teams. We are at a cross roads - the next steps in the development of the Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan are crucial to the delivery of effective, resilient infrastructure, and our transition to a low carbon economy.”

He added: “We must also continue to invest in the next generation of engineers – we cannot achieve infrastructure which drives our economy, society and innovation, without a skilled workforce to deliver it. We would like to see commitment to a Skills Strategy for Wales, and the expansion of successful apprenticeship initiatives.”

ICE Wales Cymru’s recommendations for Wales:



  • Develop a safe, affordable, integrated and accessible transport system - we must deliver the M4 corridor around Newport as a priority. ICE Wales Cymru supports the ‘Black’ route
  • Resolve the Severn Crossings Toll - the longer term arrangements must be resolved
  • Deliver the electrification of Wales’ rail network - with priority for the Swansea – Cardiff – London route
  • Resolve the challenges of the Severn Tunnel - rail links between south Wales and southern England rely on this aging asset
  • Improve transport links across all Wales - north-south as well as east-west


  • Ensure the sufficient supply of electricity - to avoid interruptions
  • Reduce the production of harmful emissions
  • Promote energy efficiency measures
  • Resolve differing views of devolution of energy powers to Wales so that we can realise our energy potential
  • Take full advantage of our natural resources to deliver innovative, sustainable energy from a wide variety of sources. ICE Wales Cymru envisages Wales becoming an ‘energy hub’ for the UK

Water and Waste Water

  • Produce innovative low carbon ways to transfer water across river catchments
  • Continue to invest in and improve the existing water and waste water network - improving efficiency and security of service
  • Promote our plentiful water supply for inward investment opportunities

Flood Risk Management

  • Develop a long term capital and maintenance investment programme to combat Flood Risk
  • Place Flood Risk Management at the heart of urban design - we must improve property resilience in flood risk areas.
  • Research, develop and use innovative flood resilience technology and create flood resilient community systems

Waste Management

  • Fundamentally shift the way waste is addressed - waste must be treated as a resource so that Wales can shift towards a Circular Economy.


  • Develop a skills strategy in Wales - we must ensure that Wales has the right skills in place to address infrastructure delivery.
  • Continue to invest in Apprenticeship initiatives - there are many and varied routes to Professional Membership, we must work to expand these alternative routes.
  • Develop accredited engineering courses in north Wales – unlike in south Wales there are no available accredited civil engineering degree courses in north Wales; we must invest in our future generations.

Infrastructure Pipeline

  • Progress the Welsh Infrastructure Investment Plan (WIIP) to develop a pipeline of infrastructure projects with timelines developed and supported by the proposed Wales Infrastructure body.

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Read ICE Wales Cymru’s Manifesto in full