Innovation in the construction industry

After a year working with the ICE President, a group of young members will lead the discussion around industry innovation starting with a webinar in October.

Innovations like offsite manufacturing of parts for projects could revolutionise the industry in the coming decades
Innovations like offsite manufacturing of parts for projects could revolutionise the industry in the coming decades

Each year the ICE President selects a group of graduate or technician members to act as apprentices during their presidential year. This year, David Balmforth tasked his President's Apprentices to discover more about the state of innovation within the construction industry and how it could be improved.

The apprentices spoke to a number of influential people, both inside and outside of the industry to ascertain their views and their companies' views about innovation. They also undertook their own research.

'Lowering costs, faster delivery'

The manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and technological sectors all boast reputations as leaders of innovation. The construction industry is lagging behind. Why is this? What are the other industries doing differently? Can the construction industry replicate their work ethic and maximise the opportunities for new innovative methodologies and production techniques?

The global construction market is forecast to grow by over 70% by 2025. In order for the UK to be at the forefront of this growth, the government and industry produced a joint strategy, Construction 2025. This sets out how they will work together to meet the aspiration of the UK being a leader in the global construction industry. The strategy includes a clear and defined set of targets for the industry – 'lowering costs, faster delivery, lower emissions, improvement in exports'.

To meet these targets, the industry needs a drastic transformation. Sharing and encouraging innovation and innovative practices to increase productivity is vital.

Join the webinar

The apprentices will share their key findings on how to enable innovation in the construction industry, and also what could be holding it back.

They will also look at how the industry can bring about a strong culture of innovation and the steps everyone can take to transform the industry to increase productivity, create better value and meet the infrastructure needs.

Join the webinar on 15 October to learn more