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  • Hear Robin Lovelace discuss how we can improve investment decisions surrounding cycling infrastracture

    Podcast: How can we provide evidence to support cycle infrastructure investment?

    • Author: Adam Kirkup
    • Date: 12 October, 2016

    In this podcast, ICE's Adam Kirkup interviews Dr. Robin Lovelace, Professor at the University of Leeds, discussing the development of the Propensity to Cycle Toolkit (PCT), and how it can be used to prioritise investments and…

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  • In AMP6 water companies are developing strategies to improve efficiency, meet environmental directives and deliver better customer outcomes.

    AMP6: encouraging change and innovation

    • Author: Mike Streetly
    • Date: 04 October, 2016

    Ahead of our half day seminar on 10 October, Mike Streetly of ESI Consulting considers how water companies are meeting asset management period 6 (AMP6) targets and the importance of working with the environment.

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  • Improving the wear resilience of overhead line equipment is one of many new areas of rail research (Crossrail).

    Rail: The new research frontier

    • Author: Matthew Frost and Michael Burrow
    • Date: 01 October, 2016

    Matthew Frost and Michael Burrow, joint editors of a new themed issue of the ICE Transport journal on railways, highlight the latest developments from the resurgence in university-based rail research

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  • A modern seismic-resistant cob house in Pakistan uses bamboo strips to reinforce the walls (HRA).

    Building better with earth

    • Author: Pete Walker
    • Date: 27 September, 2016

    Pete Walker, editor of a new themed issue of the ICE Construction Materials journal on earthen construction, says new techniques are making it a viable alternative to modern high-energy materials.

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  • This month’s reports have called for greater resilience to both flooding and drought.

    Reports emphasise why we need to plan for extreme weather – from floods to droughts

    • Author: Ben Piper
    • Date: 23 September, 2016

    Two landmark reports concerning water management in the UK were published this month

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  • A hurricane over the USA seen from space

    How engineers help protect communities during hurricane season

    • Author: Robert N. Roop
    • Date: 01 September, 2016

    As this year’s hurricane season in the US is about to peak Robert N Roop from Lockatong Engineering explains how engineers help minimise risk and damage to communities.

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  • Discover more about the library book of the month

    The library book of the month - September 2016

    • Author: Annette Ruehlmann
    • Date: 01 September, 2016

    Each month the ICE Library team brings you a look at a recent addition to its collection. This time we’re delighted to have one of our Fellows reviewing a new book about the early main line railways.

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  • Due for completion next year, the 85 m tall Armage Bakke waste-to-energy facility in Denmark will have recreational facilities including skiing on its sloping roof (ARC, 2016)

    A smarter future for energy

    • Author: William Nuttall
    • Date: 31 August, 2016

    William Nuttall, editor of new themed issue of the ICE Energy journal on ‘the smart future’, says civil engineers need to consider issues beyond the narrowly technical when looking to our energy future.

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  • Building collapse following a magnitude 5.1 earthquake in Lorca, Spain in 2011 highlights the need for ‘building first time better’ (Adam, 2014)

    Managing and responding to a disaster

    • Author: John Parkin
    • Date: 26 August, 2016

    John Parkin, editor of two new themed ICE journal issues on emergency planning and disaster relief, concludes we need to ‘build first time better’ and ‘build back better’ after a disaster.

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  • Birmingham Central Library, built in 1974, was demolished earlier this year to make way for new city centre office space.

    Deconstructing a landmark – Birmingham Central Library

    • Author: Adam Kirkup
    • Date: 19 August, 2016

    With the current demolition of what was Birmingham’s Central Library, ICE’s Adam Kirkup considers why it was built, and why it’s been demolished after just forty years?

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