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  • The potential for bias to influence adjudicators is something that has been explored through case law.

    What happens if an adjudicator is perceived to be biased?

    • Author: Robert Evans
    • Date: 17 November, 2016

    Are you biased? Most adjudicators could honestly answer “no.” However, in the adversarial world of construction adjudication this is rarely the end of the matter.

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  • At what point does plant such as a conveyor belt fall under construction operations?

    At what point does industrial plant become part of a building's structure?

    • Author: Robert Evans
    • Date: 10 November, 2016

    With the supply and installation of industrial plant there can be a fine line between contracts that are and are not for “construction operations”.

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  • Originally estimated to cost up to £4.2 billion, the Queensferry Crossing in Scotland will come in at just £1.35 billion.

    Buying Scotland’s big new bridge

    • Author: Simon Fullalove
    • Date: 07 November, 2016

    Scotland’s magnificent new road bridge across the Forth estuary, the Queensferry Crossing, is due to open in May 2017. And extraordinarily, in an age when big projects are often in the headlines for spiralling costs, it has been…

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  • The booming Hong Kong construction industry is setting new benchmarks in Asia for innovation and good practice.

    Sustaining Hong Kong

    • Author: Stuart Ross
    • Date: 01 November, 2016

    Find out how Hong Kong’s civil engineers are overcoming the problems of sustaining a densely populated modern city. Stuart Ross, editor of a new special issue of the ICE Civil Engineering journal on Hong Kong explains.

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  • The UK needs a clear and consistent energy policy to match its leadership in introducing the Climate Change Act 2008.

    What has the UK done about carbon reduction since the Paris Agreement?

    • Author: Philip Pascall
    • Date: 28 October, 2016

    Our energy expert Philip Pascall considers the UK’s progress since the Paris COP21 agreement – the topic of discussion at our evening event on 23 November.

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  • Our 2016 Mock Trial looked at the legal ramifications of a cable strike. Listen to the podcast below.

    Podcast - what would happen in court after an underground cable strike?

    • Author: Adam Kirkup
    • Date: 27 October, 2016

    Damage to underground ground services can cause serious and fatal injuries. There were over 60,000 strikes last year, with electricity cables causing the most severe consequences. But what could happen to you, as an individual, if you…

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  • Hear Robin Lovelace discuss how we can improve investment decisions surrounding cycling infrastracture

    Podcast: How can we provide evidence to support cycle infrastructure investment?

    • Author: Adam Kirkup
    • Date: 12 October, 2016

    In this podcast, ICE's Adam Kirkup interviews Dr. Robin Lovelace, University of Leeds, discussing the development of the Propensity to Cycle Toolkit (PCT), and how it can be used to prioritise investments and interventions which…

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  • In AMP6 water companies are developing strategies to improve efficiency, meet environmental directives and deliver better customer outcomes.

    AMP6: encouraging change and innovation

    • Author: Mike Streetly
    • Date: 04 October, 2016

    Ahead of our half day seminar on 10 October, Mike Streetly of ESI Consulting considers how water companies are meeting asset management period 6 (AMP6) targets and the importance of working with the environment.

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  • Improving the wear resilience of overhead line equipment is one of many new areas of rail research (Crossrail).

    Rail: The new research frontier

    • Author: Matthew Frost and Michael Burrow
    • Date: 01 October, 2016

    Matthew Frost and Michael Burrow, joint editors of a new themed issue of the ICE Transport journal on railways, highlight the latest developments from the resurgence in university-based rail research

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  • A modern seismic-resistant cob house in Pakistan uses bamboo strips to reinforce the walls (HRA).

    Building better with earth

    • Author: Pete Walker
    • Date: 27 September, 2016

    Pete Walker, editor of a new themed issue of the ICE Construction Materials journal on earthen construction, says new techniques are making it a viable alternative to modern high-energy materials.

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