Mini engineering fair lights up young minds for Tomorrow's Engineers Week

ICE West Midlands joined Mission Inspiration to inspire the engineers of the future as part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week by hosting a mini engineering fair at Innovation Birmingham Campus, Aston on 3 November.

Children at Mottmac
Children at Mottmac's stand

Over a hundred and fifty 13 – 15 year olds from St Paul’s Girls, Swanshurst Girls, Eden Boys, Aston University Engineering Academy and Ninestiles school in Birmingham were treated to a feast of engineering based activities to ingnite their interest and inspire them to discover what a career in engineering can mean.

Seventeen engineering organisations took over the atrium at Innovation Birmingham’s bright and modern campus to provide interactive and fun activities for aspiring young engineers.

Making an LED torch
IET demonstrates how to build an LED torch

Mott MacDonald staff demonstrated an interactive ‘building a new railway’ decision-making activity, ICE STEM ambassadors ran great gumball and marble run challenges and Rolls Royce’s gave a hands-on demonstration of a fuel metering unit. Further activities were The Institution of Engineering & Technology who showed how to build an LED torch and Medical Mavericks’ iphone opthalmoscope activity, linking physics and engineering, which was a great hit.

Yr 7 team from Eden Boys school winners of the Gumball Challenge said the day was “a fantastic experience.”

St Paul’s Girls school Tweeted “St Paul’s Girls had a great day – thanks for inviting us. The girls feel much more confident about what engineering is.”

Their teacher added: “The girls were buzzing when they got back to school. Their top three activities were the virtual tour of Grand Central, the Medical Mavericks and the torches."

They engaged really well with the gumball challenge and the facilitators did really well engaging and motivating them and helping them to think about the task.”

Molly McKenzie, ICE Midlands Regional Director said: ”civil engineering is an incredibly exciting profession and with a huge and growing need for more engineers over the coming years it is a great time to get involved. Engineers shape the world and events like this can help budding engineers to shape their careers.

There are many different ways to be involved with the civil engineering profession, through apprenticeships, technical or academic routes and it is a great option for anyone who likes to find solutions to the issues in our built environment. We have a great need for engineers to design the towns and cities of the future; make sure that people can travel safely and easily by road, rail and air; drink clean water and have secure energy supplies and safe well-constructed buildings.”