Professor Long medal encourages Northern Ireland experts to share their knowledge

The medal, named after Professor Adrian Long, will be annually awarded to the Northern Ireland author of the best paper in an ICE Journal.

ICE Northern Ireland Regional Director Richard Kirk with Professor Adrian Long and the new medal.
ICE Northern Ireland Regional Director Richard Kirk with Professor Adrian Long and the new medal.

ICE Northern Ireland is proud to announce the founding of the Professor Adrian Long Medal, an annual award given to the NI author of the best paper published in an ICE journal. The medal, which celebrates Professor Adrian Long's contribution to civil engineering, is meant to inspire Northern Ireland experts to showcase their knowledge by contributing articles to ICE journals.

The medal honours Professor Long's roles as a Professor of Civil Engineering at Queen's University Belfast from 1976 to 2006, and his term as President of ICE from 2002-03. Made with gilt on silver, the medal features a bust of Professor Long on one side, and the crest of ICE on the other.

"Professor Long's passion for civil engineering, his teaching and his research have inspired thousands within the ICE community and beyond," said Richard Kirk, Regional Director for ICE NI. "This medal is a token of our esteem and gratitude for all Professor Long has accomplished in his career, for the Institution and for academia."

Each year, ICE NI will seek nominations for the Medal. The nominated papers will be judged by at least two ICE members appointed by the ICE NI Chairman. When the best paper has more than one eligible author, the medal will be awarded to the first-named eligible author on the official author list. All authors of the chosen paper will receive a certificate.

"I want to acknowledge my debt of gratitude to members of ICE NI, and that of the past chairmen in particular," said Professor Long of the medal's establishment. "Without their support and encouragement, I could not have hoped to become President of ICE, the oldest professional body for engineers in the world."

"As I have around 20 papers published in ICE journals since 1966, and have won 8 medals including the ICE Gold Medal, the ICE premier award, I appreciate the quality of their journals and the importance placed by ICE on its learned society role."