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Find out more about QUEST Travel Award.
Find out more about QUEST Travel Award.

The QUEST Travel Award is open to graduate and qualified members who are planning a career development trip working on a civil engineering related project.

In spring this year, seven individual applications and four group applications received funding towards their travel plans.

Find out more about QUEST Travel Award

The winners are:

Individual applicants

  • David Allen: Reach Beyond Waters Projects in Shell, Ecuador
  • Jamie Bradley: Raleigh International Expedition in Tanzania
  • Matthew Duckett : Centre of Excellence for Build IT International in Zambia
  • Rodoula Gregoriou: Urban Flood Protection in Kenya
  • James Kitchin: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Nepal
  • Rebecca McAllister: Environment & Public Health Organisation in Nepal
  • Hannah Rowland: Little Big Africa in Uganda

Group applicants

  • Victoria Richardson and Nicola Talbot: Bridges to Prosperity Suspension Footbridge in Rwanda
  • Daniel Mulhare, Steven Andrew Smith, Niamh Callaghan, Tom Phillips, Manuel Neves, Jane Templeton and James McNaughton: Gathimba Edwards Foundation Project in West Africa
  • Matthew Jack, David McSorely, Sean O'Connor, David Salt, John Lavery, Dan Williams, David Shodeke and Zak Jones: Kathy's Centre in Uganda
  • James Worth, Patrick Brady, David Knight, Lorna Johnston, Kyriakos Antoniou, Daniel Green, Jemma Hill and Anthony Sales: Tubungo Suspension Bridge in Rwanda

If you are interested in applying for a QUEST Travel Award, applications for travel between December 2016 and April 2017 opens on 13 June 2016. Learn more on our website.

Would you like to learn something new and add to your CPD?

QUEST Continuing Education Award offers funding for professionally qualified and graduate ICE members to study a management or technical course.

If you're working in the civil engineering industry and would like to gain new qualifications to help your professional development, then this award could provide you with financial support of up to £2,500.

Applications open from 13 June to 30 August 2016. Visit ICE website to find out more about the award and how to apply.

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