Set a benchmark in your career path

Achieve NEC Accredited status

NEC accreditations
NEC accreditations

Achieving accredited status as an NEC Project Manager, Supervisor or Service Manager establishes benchmark in your career path, and a high level skill set, which you can apply across your professional practices.

After enrolling and participating in an NEC accreditation programme, you will:

  • Gain the complex technical and practical skills to excel in your role as a project leader
  • Benefit from interactive blended learning programmes that can be applied internationally and are recognised and valued by employers
  • Become an ambassador for your organisation, embedding best practice across your team and maintaining standards
  • Be part of a unique group of candidates, participating in the only suite of NEC accreditations available
  • Receive certification of NEC Accreditation on successful completion and take the opportunity to be listed on the ICE Register for Accredited NEC Professionals

The NEC suite of accreditation programmes are being delivered throughout autumn and winter 2015, offering you the opportunity to gain accredited status before 2016.

Programmes available include:

NEC3: ECC Project Manager Accreditation

First launched in the UK in 2013, this popular programme will equip you with the skills necessary to be able to manage a project using the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC). It is widely recognised and sought after by employers. We have scheduled programmes in both the UK and Hong Kong in 2015. Ideal for project managers, quantity surveyors, civil engineers, and construction managers.

NEC3: ECC Supervisor Accreditation

Acquire the advanced level skills to fulfil your role as a Supervisor using the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC), and gain sought after recognition for your expertise. This programme is endorsed by the Institute of the Clerk of Works and Construction Inspectorate of GB (ICWCI). Ideal for clerks of works, construction inspectors and architectural technicians.

NEC3: TSC Service Manager Accreditation

Gain a strong understanding of the Term Service Contract (TSC) clauses in order to successfully execute your role as Service Manager in the service delivery phase of a contract. Ideal for facilities managers, asset managers, maintenance managers or estates managers.

Visit the NEC website to find out more about the programmes, their availability and to enrol.