Start preparing for your 2016 Professional Review

Be clear on what is needed, and when for your professional review.

ICE Professional Review Preparation Course
ICE Professional Review Preparation Course

The ICE Professional Review Panel developed the ICE Professional Review Preparation Course to be an affordable, convenient and compact training programme.

Across just a few hours, it can deliver complete clarity on how to make a successful submission, and excel in the presentation, Interview and Written Exercise on the Review Day itself.

'Designed for grads applying for Member Professional Review, Chartered Professional Review, or Chartered Professional Review Progressive, the programme is delivered regularly by local MDOs throughout the ICE UK regions. You won't need to travel far to be able to participate, making this training course one of the most easily and widely accessible training programmes offered by ICE.'

Steve Hyde, Membership Manager, London and South East, ICE.

This course can be taken up to a year before you actually plan to sit your Professional Review, and then right up until around 4 months before the date of your Professional Review. That's around 2 months before you need to make you submission.

Delivered to small groups of candidates, this course gives guidance on how to:

  • Effectively use your submission to demonstrate achievement of the Attributes
  • Establish a timeline to MPR or CPR
  • Plan and prepare an effective Professional Review Report
  • Present your CPD records in an appropriate way
  • Plan and deliver an effective presentation
  • Understand the purpose and content of the review day
  • Develop written exercise skills and techniques

Delivery dates until the end of the year are listed below:

15 October, Cambridge
21 October, Glasgow
3 November, Bristol
9 November, Aberdeen
17 November, Nottingham
18 November, Bristol

Visit the ICE Training website to find out more about this training, and to book online.

Online alternative

For all those who can't make the classroom training, ICE Training offers its equivalent online alternative:
Your Professional Review - Preparation and the Review Day.