Using toys to shape future engineers

ICE held its first Christmas exhibition during December 2015, titled “Past, Presents and Future”.

A scene from ICE
A scene from ICE's Christmas Expo

The Christmas themed exhibition saw school groups, members and the general public visit the ICE library to experience how Christmas is a magical time to inspire children with creative toys.

Activities included creating a ‘city of the future’ with Meccano, Lego and Knex toys beneath the 12 foot Christmas tree, as well as building bridges. Langdon the Lion, the engineering education mascot for the Rochester Bridge Trust, joined the school visits and encourage students to get involved with the arch bridge building, trying out different techniques and thinking about the engineering challenges involved.

The exhibition also featured an ‘Engineering Challenge’ competition for visiting school groups and children. The aim of the competition was to encourage future engineers to submit their ideas and designs on how Santa would deliver all the toys around the world today if his traditional reindeer sleigh was to break down.

The winner of the competition was Esther from St Paul’s School in London. Esther’s idea involved Santa travelling through the underground sewage system to deliver his gifts. Her idea showed great imagination and understanding of London’s intricate underground sewer system, and as a result Esther has won a trip for herself and her class to LEGOLAND.

winning card
The wining postcard from the ‘Engineering Challenge’ competition by Esther from St Paul’s School in London

If you are interested to see what the exhibition was all about and what our little visitors thought about the activities they took part in as well as engineering, watch the video below.