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Catchment Management

The need for a broad coalition of stakeholders – especially local and risk management authorities and businesses - to work together in the use, protection and maintenance of water resources is now widely recognised, but how can we work effectively with informal ‘civil society’?

29 February 2024

Commissioned by DfI Roads, this study examined the potential to revolutionise the way drainage and wastewater is managed in the north-west of the city by applying a sustainable, catchment-based solutions approach. This presentation will discuss the scope and principles of the study and highlight the…

ICE South West Civil Engineering Awards 2024 in association with Kier BAM

19 July 2024

BGS GeoScour Open datasets provide a generalised overview of the natural characteristics and properties of catchment and riverine environments for the assessment of river scour in Great Britain.

WICE Project

Lincoln Flood Defences

Improving Lincoln’s catchment resilience up to one in a 100-year flood event risk Lincoln lies on the River Witham, which can be subject to flooding. The city’s flood management was dependent on a system of linear flood walls and sluice gates (barriers that slide in grooves set in the sides of water…

20 June 2023

ICE Publishing provides technical and management journals and books for civil engineering professionals, academics and students worldwide. Many of these publications are available through the ICE Virtual Library.

31 May 2023

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