Anna Bruni

Anna has 9 years international experience leading multi-disciplinary teams designing water resource management and flood risk mitigation projects for private developers, international organisations, national and local governments. As Director of The Confluencers, she is helping NGOs and Philanthropic organisations achieve their goals, maximise their potential impact and improve their long-term cashflow and staff retention by prioritising their investment of limited resources and co-creating strategies that protect the long-term value they bring to grassroots communities. Anna is a strong advocate for the use of Systems Practice and a working group member of the Global Alliance on Urban Crises. As a Trustee of the Happold Foundation, leading the Alumni Community, she has been leading discussions that explore how built environment professionals can partner with donor organisations, international development actors and grassroots communities to progress sustainable development challenges such as local empowerment, equitable funding, sustainability and resilience impact measurement and capacity building.