Annelies Bolle

Annelies Bolle, MSc in Civil Engineering & MSc in Environmental Coastal Engineering, has 13 years of experience in coastal engineering. Within IMDC she works on various coastal subjects, such as coastal morphology and erosion, flood risk studies, numerical modelling of coastline evolution and dune migration, the assessment and design of coastal protection measures, and coastal zone management more in general. She has been project leader of the master plan for coastal safety in Flanders, Belgium, has worked on coastal projects in West-Africa, including Ghana, Togo, Bénin and Côte d’Ivoire, and has been project leader for several coastal risk projects (PPRL studies) in France. She was also involved in the European research projects MICORE and RISC-KIT, which looked into the development of new methodologies, tools and approaches for coastal management, in order to reduce coastal risks and to enhance the resilience and timely predictions for those extreme events. Actual projects include the project “Coastal Vision” which is exploring various measures and alternatives to protect the Flemish coast in 2100 against the consequences of higher sea levels and higher and more powerful waves due to climate change; and the study for the selection and design of measures to reduce the sedimentation in the harbour channel of Blankenberge and the beach erosion in Wenduine along the Belgian Coast.