Črtomir Remec

Črtomir Remec was born in 1961 at Radovljica, Slovenia. In 1983 he graduated from the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering and in 1986 he earned a master degree. His diploma as well as his master degree research were dedicated to the nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete structures.
From 1987 to 2007 he worked at the Steel Construction Institute in Ljubljana, first as a researcher and in last years as Director of the Institute. As a researcher he mainly worked on the problem of the safety of steel structures subjected to earthquake loading when he focused his research on studies of the behaviour of moment-resisting beam-to-column connections in moment-resisting steel frames.
From 2007 he continued his career in the prefabricated construction industry at Trimo group with a goal to develop a revolutionary highly energy-efficient façade system, achieved in 2013.
From 2015 on, he is Director of the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, Public Fund.
Mr. Remec is also President of the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers, President of the ECEC, Chairman of the Slovenian Steel Construction Organisation.