Dr Heidi Burgess

Dr. Heidi Burgess is a Chartered Civil Engineer and a Principle Lecturer in Civil Engineering Hydraulics at the University of Brighton.  Heidi has been working in the area of coastal management as both an academic and a practitioner for the past nineteen years. 
She has worked on a variety of coastal defence projects involving traditional hard defences through to beach replenishment programmes and managed realignments with some of this work incorporated into PAR’s and SMP’s. 

Heidi’s research interest is in Natural Flood Management which has led her to conduct a considerable amount of funded work on Managed Realignment sites.
Heidi is currently leading a number of research programmes including Medmerry Intertidal Processes (MIP) and Pagham Harbour Intertidal Processes (PHIP). 

This is the second time Heidi has been on the organising committee of the Coastal Management conference and would like to encourage more academics to attend this conference in order to encourage closer working relationships between industry and academia.