Greg Guthrie

In over 35 years of working in coastal engineering and coastal management I have seen many changes in the way in which we have adapted our thinking and our approaches. I am proud to have been involved with many of these aspects of change. I was  involved the initial Shoreline Management Plans (SMP1) and since then in developing SMP2, taking a broader based approach, opening the opportunities, providing the underlying evidence for developing coastal management within the UK and adapting this approach to the needs of international situations.

This has drawn upon my extensive experience from strategic and policy level studies to providing advice to clients on a local ad-hoc basis in relation to coastal issues and coastal communities’ involvement. In all this, I have worked towards an integrated approach and have contributed to research, application of data, knowledge management, coastal monitoring, geomorphology and coastal adaption.

I work with the ICE Maritime Panel and actively encourage thought about change to more sustainable solutions at the national level, through projects and in training graduates within the profession.
I am passionate about the role of engineers in bringing about real change through realistic and pragmatic approaches at the coast.