Jose Angel Iglesias Mejuto

Civil and Materials Engineer, MSc in Ports Engineering, CEng MICE, Coastal Skipper (official license awarded by the Spanish Government), with over 20 years of experience as “hands on” designer mainly in detail design, in locations such as the Atlantic Ocean (Spain, Brazil, West Africa, Canary Islands), the Mediterranean Sea (Spain), The North Sea (United Kingdom), the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the Red Sea, the Arabic Gulf, and the Indian Ocean.


Jose has developed as “hands on” designer dredging projects, studies and analysis covering a wide array of subjects: met ocean statistical analysis “off shore”, numerical modelling (wave propagation, wave disturbance, currents and non-cohesive sediment transport), breakwaters/ revetments design, overtopping risk analysis, coastal dynamics analysis and diagnosis of accretion/erosion issues, impact of marine structures on the coastal dynamics, beach stabilization and nourishment, condition surveys of rubble-mound breakwaters, ports lay-out and navigational access (desk studies), dredging projects, coastal footpaths and EIAs (European Legal Framework).


Has broad experience as well producing BOQs, analysing construction methods, and developing calculation tools for met ocean analysis, guiding for draftsmen and mentoring more junior engineers.


Jose has also developed port planning works for recreational and fishing harbours, such as two releases of the “Territorial Sectorial Master Plan of the Ports of Catalonia” or the “Master Plan of the Fishing Port of Port de la Selva” for the Catalonian Government, Spain.


Finally, Jose is an expert beach volley-ball player and sailor of recreational crafts.

…this is Jose’s passion: the ocean.