Kiyoshi Kobayashi

Kiyoshi Kobayashi is Professor of Infrastructure Economics, Graduate School of Management and Professor of Planning and Management Theory of Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University. He was Dean of Graduate School of Management for the period of 2010-2012. He is a world known researcher in the fields of Urban and Infrastructure Management and Economics and a recipient of several awards including the Distinguished Research Awards by Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Fellow Awards by RSA International, and Awards by the Japanese Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Tourism, the Danish Minister of Environment as well as by the Vietnamese Minister of Education. He is now President of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, of Japan Association of Asset Management, as well as of Global Business Society and was experienced Vice President of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, President of the Applied Regional Science Conference and serves on the editorial boards of international journals including the American Society of Civil Engineers, Annals of Regional Science, the series editor-in-chief of the Journals of Japan Society of Civil Engineers and the Journal of Applied Regional Science. Currently, he is a member of National Land Development Council of Japan, Transport Policy Council of Japan, and  Science Council of Japan. He was an adjunct professor of 10 oversea universities and a visiting fellow of international organizations of IIASA, OECD, WHO, and World Bank, etc. He is the author and co-editor of 70 books and over 450 academic reviewed papers.