Pierre Lena

Pierre Léna, born 1937, is a French astrophysicist, as Emeritus Professor at the Université Paris-Diderot, associated with Paris Observatory. His scientific work focused on infrared astronomy and star formation. His interest for image quality led him to contribute to develop adaptive optics and the interferometer of the European Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile, both making today the VLT a unique instrument for the study of exoplanets and black holes.

He co-founded in 1996 La main à la pâte to renovate science education, working at national, European and international levels, chairing in 2011 the InterAcademy Partnership Science education program, then for 2012-2016, chairing the new Foundation La main à la pâte, created by the French Academy of sciences. In 2018, he created the Office for Climate Education in connection with IAP and IPCC.

Pierre Léna belongs to the French Académie des sciences, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and several others.