Robert Slomp

Robert Slomp has worked in Benin and Chad for 8 years on shallow wells and small dams. Since 1998 he has worked for Rijkswaterstaat, an agency of the ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. He was involved in policy studies on Flood Risk from 2001 until 2009. He was responsible  implementing the main policy changes in Flood Risk Management through an update of the Assessment instruments for Flood Defences in the Netherlands. The Netherlands needed a more efficient and transparent method to determine flood risk and the probability of failure of flood defenses.   
He co-organized the visit of  the French Committee on the Xynthia Flood to the Netherlands in 2010.The author has co-authored a book on the Xynthia Storm in September 2010.   In 2012 he was auditioned by a French Senate Committee after the Var Floods in France. For that audition he summarized Dutch Flood Risk Management policy in a book which is available in pdf on the Helpdesk Water Website in French, English and Dutch. This article for ICE revisits the Atlantic Coast and a number of projects started up after the Xynthia Flood. This article was possible after visiting the coast in 2018 and meeting with people involved in the reconstruction. Information on recent changes in Flood Risk Management policy in France was received from the French members of the European Levee Working Group of ICOLD. The international Commission on Large Dams. Robert Slomp is a member of this working group.