Tomas Sancho

Tomás has a Masters in Civil Engineering from the Politechnic University of Madrid, and a degree in Law and in Business Administration and Management from University Carlos III of Madrid.

He has been President of the Ebro Water Confederation and President-founder of 3 State soci
eties related to water (ACUAEBRO, Canal de Navarra (Navarra Channel) and Canal Segarra-Garrigues (Segarra-Garrigues Channel)). He is Past President of the World Council of Civil Engineers, and is member of the Executive Council of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations. He is also Vice-President of the Spanish Civil Engineers Association and Vice-President of the Spanish Engineering Institute International Commission.

He is currently General Manager of FYSEG, Fulcrum y SERS Engineering Group. He is an expert in topics related to infrastructures funding, planning and water management