Valerie Agberagba

Valerie Agberagba is a Vice President, of the World Federation of Engineering Organization and Chair of the Women in Engineering Committee. She also serves in the same capacity in the Federation of African Engineering Organization FAEO.

Working with the strategic plan of the Committee for Women in Engineering of WFEO, the 2017 WFEO General Assembly approved a Declaration for the Committee’s activity for 2018 and beyond. The first ever for the Committee.

A graduate of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering for 29years, she has served as quality control engineer in many projects within the Federal Capital of Nigeria and is very involved in the Power Sector. She presently leads the Presidential project of providing Solar Home Systems to the rural communities in Nigeria and heads the Contract Management Department of the Niger Delta Power Holding Company, Nigeria.

 Engr Valerie Agberagba, is passionate about the Growth, Capacity Development and Empowerment of Women and the building of the Next Generation of Engineers and Scientists. She is an Executive Director of a Mentoring NGO, Science, Engineering & Technology Development Network, SciETech, and the organization is involved in mentoring and career development in SET.