Alex Heward

My role as a site engineer involves managing several projects at once. I do lots of different tasks like being responsible for teams, and making sure we're spending the right amount of money.

Alex Heward
Alex Heward

I’m also often in the field overseeing the construction, writing reports or meeting with clients.

Many people will tell you that engineering is a very technical profession and you need to be highly academic. But I’ve found that there's one main skill a good engineer needs and that's the ability to communicate with people on all levels.

You can be as smart as you want, but if you can’t let other people know what you want them to do your project will never get built.

This profession is all about teamwork. In my role, I sit between government, high profile clients and the technical and academic community.

Since I moved from site-based work to more of a research role, the impact of my work on the wider community has changed. I now focus on looking into how we can be innovative, build faster, cleaner and with different materials.

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