Aparna Jamgade

Aparna Jamgade

Apprentice in Transport Planning

Country United Kingdom

Specialisms Design

Career highlights

I choose to do an apprenticeship because...

Due to family commitments, I have a career gap of 15 years and the impact of recession has been challenging.

An apprenticeship in civil engineering was a real light in a dark tunnel – I grabbed the opportunity to realise my dreams in the construction industry.

A typical day in your life

In this Covid-19 era, I make the most of working from home and start my day early with physical exercise so that I can plan my day ahead with a fresh mind.

Every day is challenging yet interesting. I could be working on a variety of tasks such as concept design (my favourite part of the projects), estimating costs, or communicating with the design team or client.

Civil engineering is an extremely broad sector so learning is a key part of every day.


A civil engineering apprenticeship is the best combination of gaining an education while developing practical skills through work.

Aparna Jamgade

Apprentice in Transport Planning

What is the highlight of your apprenticeship so far?

Being able to achieve a recognised professional qualification along with education, while getting involved in real-world projects. This would not be possible through more traditional forms of education and ways into the profession.

What would you say to anyone considering a civil engineering apprenticeship?

The one key bit of advice I would give to anyone considering a civil engineering apprenticeship is research projects which you find exciting. Once you understand what it is which interests you the next steps become easier as you can research into that discipline and apprenticeship opportunities within that sector.

As part of your apprenticeship you’re working towards a professional qualification with ICE – could you tell us more about this?

A civil engineering apprenticeship is the best combination of gaining an education while developing practical skills through work.

Students can apply what they learn to their work and can understand the practical implications then and there. At the same time, you can get professionally qualified with the Institution, which is the shortest way to get recognised in the industry. And the best part of an apprenticeship is that you don’t have the financial burden of a loan for your education.

In my opinion, a civil engineering apprenticeship is the best package.

Which individual project or person inspired you to become a civil engineer or technician?

My father was a civil engineer, my sister an architect and I am married to a civil engineer. They all speak proudly about the projects they have worked on and have inspired me. We would often talk about the construction industry and its importance for economic and social growth.

Complete this phrase: I’m a civil engineering apprentice, but I’m also …

a mother, chef, cyclist and hiker who likes to explore wonderful places and have a good work-life balance.

I am a fighter and found a path to fulfil my dream of getting involved in the construction industry, even though recession has laid me down.

What about being a civil engineer apprentice gets you out of bed each morning?

My team and line manager believe in me, inspire me and provide various challenging opportunities. I am involved in a variety of local projects. Every time I pass one of these sites or developments I feel very proud to be part of it.

Name one civil engineering myth you’d like to bust.

That civil engineering is only related to concrete projects, which is totally untrue.

Civil engineers create innovative designs, plan the process, propose solutions, deliver the practical side of the project, consider possible risks, and provide sustainable and environmental solutions.

If you take a deep look, civil engineering is present all around you.

Which civil engineering project (past or present) do you wish you’d worked on?

The Bicycle Snake bridge in Copenhagen. It inspires me because of its concept, easy flow and it is specially designed for cyclists.

Has civil engineering helped you overcome any personal hurdles/difficulties?

Yes, I am a shy person and feel shaky when it comes to face people or present myself. Now, being an apprentice and working with diverse team members is really helping me to come out of my comfort zone.

I want to become a civil engineer.

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