Oliver Robinson

As a CAD technician, I create virtual drawings and models of buildings using computer software. This process is called 'computer aided design', or CAD.

Oliver Robinson
Oliver Robinson

To do this I work closely with the architects and other engineers on the project. We constantly share information between us as the design of our structure develops. Because I'm a senior technician, I also manage the work of a team.

One of the most important skills I use every day is understanding the computer design software, which needs good ability in maths and IT.

Communicating with other people is also a key part of my job. This helps me to make sure my team understands the projects they are working on.

The CAD technician role I have, designing and modelling the details of structures, helps to create projects which lots of people benefit from. My work gives my company’s clients good value. It does this by being careful so a design doesn’t use more material than it needs, or doesn't cost more than it should to build.

I also help communities by designing new facilities, like schools and hospitals, which are ready to use and will last a long time.

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