Sarisha Harrychund

As a consulting civil engineer, my job is to design structures that meet the needs of my company’s clients – and people like you and me who'll use them once they’re finished.

Sarisha Harrychund
Sarisha Harrychund

We work through a ‘design process’. First I meet with the client (this could be a government body or private developer) who wants the structure built. I also meet with the architect and other engineers to agree how the finished structure will work.

Using my maths skills, and with the help of design software, I come up with a design for the structural details of the building. The design must be safe, but also look nice and be as easy as possible to build and maintain.

Finally, I produce drawings and a list of everything needed to build the project. This helps to guide the other engineers and workers who will turn my design into a real thing.

Being an engineer always involves being part of a team. Communicating with other people involved in the project – from a client who is paying for the building, to a technical team building it – is a vital skill.

My work has a great impact on local communities and the wider world. Civil engineering projects help to create economic growth and make our towns and cities more sustainable – which is always good for people living there.

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