A1-M1 Link Road - Dunstable Northern Bypass

A Carillion/Costain Joint Venture are currently building a two-lane dual carriageway running east from the A5 north of Dunstable, Bedfordshire to join the M1 at a new junction 11a south of Chalton on behalf of Highways England.

The work site for the new two-lane dual carriageway bypass.
The work site for the new two-lane dual carriageway bypass.
  • Updated: 08 March, 2016

Main construction works started in March 2015 and ongoing works include drainage and culverts installation, site clearance, construction of temporary slip roads, archaeological surveys and the installation of boundary fencing. The scheme will take about 2½ years and working methods will be designed to have the least impact on local residents.

Further works on the M1 for the construction of the new junction started on 17 June 2015. These roadworks - including the installation of safety barriers, signs, CCTV and average speed cameras - should be finished in spring 2017 as the scheme nears completion.

Why is this happening and what will it cost?

The A5 provides a route from Milton Keynes to the M1 at Junction 9, passing through the built-up area of Dunstable. This section of the route often experiences traffic congestion. Other local routes also carry significant amounts of traffic and these include the A5120 passing through Houghton Regis and Toddington to Junction 12, and the A505 linking Dunstable and Luton town centres via Junction 11. The estimated cost of this scheme is £162.1million.

What are the benefits?

The scheme will:

  • Reduce journey times and improve journey time reliability for long distance traffic.
  • Relieve Dunstable of significant congestion and through traffic on the A5.
  • Reduce traffic travelling to Junctions 11 and 12 from the local road network in Dunstable, Houghton Regis and surrounding areas.
  • Boost economic growth by investing in roads to relieve congestion and improve road safety.
  • Provide a link between the M1 and the A5 that is critical to facilitate economic development and jobs growth in the Central Bedfordshire area.
  • Unlock the development of 7,000 houses and 40 hectares of employment land – potentially providing 4,000 jobs at Houghton Regis, whilst also improving safety on the existing A5 and local roads.

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