A565 Great Howard Street Bridge Replacement

The project involves replacing the understrength Great Howard Street Bridge, and infilling the adjacent tunnel.

This is Civil Engineering  banner on site.
This is Civil Engineering banner on site.
  • Updated: 05 October, 2016

Project facts

Project team:

  • Liverpool City Council
  • Amey
  • GRAHAM Construction


£9.7 million

Completed by:

Summer 2017




What will the project deliver?

The project will enable the road to stay open without a weight limit. This means it can continue to serve as a main freight route to the Liverpool docks, including the new Liverpool2 deep-water container terminal.

It will also form Phase 1 of the North Liverpool Key Corridor road widening scheme, which will facilitate future development in the area by enabling the route to handle the increasing amount of businesses, freight and people travelling to and through Liverpool.

Local impact

The work will remove a bottleneck by making the entire A565 dual carriageway, and make it more attractive with improved paving and street lighting. It will also facilitate future development in the area, which is vital to the region's future economic success.

Interesting facts

  • The bridge originally carried Great Howard Street over a railway, which entered the former Waterloo Goods Station at the site of the existing supermarket to the west of the bridge.
  • Until recently, the old bridge and tunnel were believed to be fully infilled. However, during an inspection in 2010, structural engineers from Amey found that this was not the case. After creating a small access hole through the outer fill, they discovered there was room to stand beneath the structures.
  • The new bridge deck will be supported by concrete beams, which will be reinforced with pre-stressed steel tendons. The tendons will subject the beams to an initial compression force, to reduce the likelihood of undesirable tension stresses occurring once the bridge is loaded with traffic.

Project images

3D visualisation of proposed Great Howard Street Bridge (looking southeast)
3D visualisation of proposed Great Howard Street Bridge (looking southeast)

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