M54 junction 3 to 4 improvement scheme

Costain has carried out vital work between junctions 3 and 5 of the M54 in Telford ... while supporting our campaign to show people what civil engineering is all about. Find out more about the M54 scheme.

Engineers from Costain celebrate their involvement with ICE's This is Civil Engineering campaign
Engineers from Costain celebrate their involvement with ICE's This is Civil Engineering campaign
  • Updated: 02 March, 2015

Engineers have been working around the clock between junction 3 and 4 of the M54 to remove and replace safety features, improve drainage and make the road surface quieter.

The project began in November 2014 and was finished in late April 2015. The work was done by Costain on behalf of Highways England and EM Highways.

Costain also supported our 'This is civil engineering' campaign by displaying banners on sections of the project.

The work involved replacing the existing concrete road surface and installing a new central reserve concrete barrier to prevent any risk of cross-over collisions and improving safety for motorway users.

Engineers also improved drainage on the road. It's incredibly important that water is removed from road surfaces as quickly as possible. Not only does this prevent flooding, but it reduces spray - something that can make driving even more difficult.

Engineers worked 24 hours a day to finish the scheme on time. Their work will have the added benefit of reducing the noise generated by cars and lorries moving at high speed, meaning that people living near the road will be less affected.

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