Protection for Great Notley humpback bridge

Using recycled plastic and bamboo, the project protects the bank from further damage

Protecting the back and humpback bridge.
Protecting the back and humpback bridge.
  • Updated: 20 March, 2017

Project facts

Project team:

  • Ringway Jacobs Structures Maintenance Team
  • Bamboo UK Ltd.
  • The plastic sheet piling company
  • Topbond



Completed by:

10 March 2017


Download the bridge design


What will the project deliver?

This project uses recycled plastic sheet piling and bamboo to solve the problem of erosion of the bank around the bridge. These piles are lightweight but similar in strength to those made from steel or concrete. They are easy to install, cheap, long lasting and don't need much upkeep. They are also renewable/sustainable and have a low carbon footprint.

Local impact

This project will protect the bridge that links the village to the by-pass and nearby light industrial area.

Green construction also has a wider benefit to society, having a smaller carbon footprint and reusing plastic that would otherwise be waste.

Interesting facts

  • This is only the second time this award winning system has been used for this type of project.
  • Environmentally friendly construction.

Project pictures

The problem at the bridge
The problem at the bridge
The problem at the bridge
The problem at the bridge
The problem at the bridge
The problem at the bridge

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