Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project Phase 1

Excavated material from Crossrail has been transported to the Essex coast to create a wildlife reserve.

Cameron Woodhead, Dave Bugden, Clare Wells, Sarah Bishop (BAM Nuttall)
Cameron Woodhead, Dave Bugden, Clare Wells, Sarah Bishop (BAM Nuttall)
  • Updated: 07 October, 2016

Project facts

Project team:

  • Client: RSPB
  • Employer: Crossrail
  • Contractor: BAM Nuttall
  • Marine Design: ABPMer
  • Earthworks & Structures Design: AECOM
  • Joint Sponsor: Environment Agency



Completed by:

31 August 2015


Wallasea Island


What will the project deliver?

Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project is a landmark conservation and engineering scheme on a scale never before tried in the UK. It combines ecological research and environmental vision with commerce and innovative industrial engineering. A mutually beneficial partnership between the RSPB and Crossrail is creating replacement wetland habitats whilst while disposing of excavated material.

When complete the project will reinstate 670 hectares of wetland habitat.

Local impact

  • Provides new flood embankments to protect the local communities, replacing some of the flood capacity lost to development.
  • Has created an RSPC wildlife reserve where bird and mammal numbers have already increased.
  • Received 3million tonnes of waste from Crossrail by ship, preventing 150,000 lorry journeys and directing the material away from landfill.

Interesting facts

  • The project was completed 12 months early
  • The bird and ecology population have already started to increase.
  • The tidal flows are acting as planned
  • Visitor numbers have increased and a visitor centre is planned for the future
  • The area has renewed flood protection

Project images

Wallasea MHE structures lagoons
Wallasea MHE structures lagoons
Wallasea pre-breach April 2015
Wallasea pre-breach April 2015
Wallasea Island final plan
Wallasea Island final plan

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