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Jackfield stabilisation






Project achievements

Stabilise land and improve transport links at World Heritage site

Jackfield is located 1km downstream of Ironbridge on the south side of the River Severn in the Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire and is part of a UNESCO designated World Heritage site. It is also the site of an historic landslip which has seriously affected residents, industry, rail and road transport since the early 1700s. There is only one road across the slip.

Back in 1952 a landslip moved approximately 17m into the river causing a partial blockage and major structural damage to houses and roads. In 1982 a further smaller landslip cut off the only through road with a permanent diversion of vehicles along the higher abandoned railway track bed, itself on the move and laid over with timber boards for easier maintenance.

The primary objective of this technically demanding and complex project was to stabilise a 350m length of moving hillside which could cause a landslip into the river causing a blockage and upstream flooding.

This has now been eliminated and the stabilisation has also allowed for improvement of transport links back into the area with a new road.

The main works involved the installation of around 2,100 10m piles in 9 rows across the hillside. These were designed to penetrate just past the slip plane which exists about 7m underground and to resist against further movement.

Jackfield appeal

People who made it happen

  • Client: Telford & Wrekin Council
  • Design: Jacobs UK
  • Contractor: McPhillips (Wellington)

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